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  • heyo im really interested in grinding tf2, last season a couple irl things got in the way at the start of the preseason but i can dedicate hella time now hopefully 🙂

    mid-high(?) invite demo
    low invite scout
    high adv sniper
    // might need some time to get readjusted ty

    msg on steam or discord djnnseng#7649

  • oner of the nicest players i ever met. feels like ive known him all my life. from what ive seen dudes a beast easy pickup for any team

  • one of the most genuine people i’ve met playing tf2. djnnseng is honestly really solid on most classes and actually has a SLEEPER sniper

  • i hate nerd (he didn’t carry me in grands)


  • super knowledgeable on the game and very skilled in general, but his mic is dogshit so i can’t really recommend anyone anywhere pick him up

  • djnnseng aka nerdloid was one of the four reasons I wanted to grind my demo in Highlander.

    djnnseng would always be at the demo reviews before scrims, after scrims, and before scrims the next day only to repeat the process if we played that day.

    Whenever I got stuck in shit situations whatever it may have been or didn’t know entirely what to do man nerd, dicksauce, and whalemart were ready to give me the entire 411 on what I did wrong (or call me shit stop doing shit thing LMFAO)

    I can definitely say that nerd has been a solid teammate throughout the season in terms of advice and how I can harness my DM from sixes and apply it to Highlander which I’m honestly still figuring out currently. I wouldn’t have wanted to grind as much as I did if need wasn’t one of those factors in us wanting to take the season X dub. (Also look how many med kills nerd had to salvage for us in the grand finals log I mean….LMFAO)

    Overall djnnseng is not only a solid teammate but one that can give you solid criticism, critique on what the team is doing wrong as a whole, be a great mentor while doing it, be an even greater friend, and someone who has earned more respect then a good majority of players I’ve played with.

    Your invite team will flourish with him on demo his calling is solid and his damage output is insane.

    pick him up.

  • goated player

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