vinny lft adv sniper main/adv HEAVY

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  • hello im not sure whats going on with my team this season, we won 3rd last season but theyre more than likely going to be putting markers back on his main understandbly.

    a lot of u know me but for those who do not:

    i am vinny i am a former plat sniper and i have just played my first real season after not touching a computer for 3 years, i also just got a newer way better PC. my experience is as follows:

    s14 / silver - pj’
    –ugc ban–
    s17 / gold - vG 1st Place Champions
    s18 / gold - -ts- reborn => plat -
    s19 / plat -
    s21 / plat - CHUGGER

    RGL s10 / main - BALD 3rd Place

    my first full season ever was season 18
    (copied directly from my steam profile)

    anyway im rapidly improving and getting my mojo back and i think i would fit well on any mid-top ADV team, i have my sights set on placing again. im dedicated with a good attitude and i believe my previous experience would be valuable on any team… someone just has to teach me to play vigil.

    i also want to play heavy. i will carry you… and MAINCALL

  • Vinny is goated on snipes and is an all around great guy. An easy pickup for your s11 team 🙂

  • played for his team s10 as med (stuff prevented me from finishing da season ☹️) I went into that season thinking he would be a washed up sniper with an attitude when in reality he is quite the opposite. Very nice guy, who I think is for sure ready for advanced and is only getting better with time.

  • vinny has been unwashing and getting better every time I see him play. He’s a really cool guy and would own in adv.

  • I love this man. Get this man on a team, he’s getting better and better.

  • I’m a big vinny fan going all the way back to the ugc days. Super strong player that can completely take over a game, but I think Vinny’s unique strengths are having a brain and contributing to the team. Not just hitting shots but understanding what the play is supposed to be, what the team needs, how the team can adjust and improve, which makes him valuable off the server too. I wouldn’t want anyone else on my team in advanced

  • Vinny is a big doggy

  • @vinny I think Vinny is a great sniper. Only thing I have to say is he has some micro adjustments he needs to make, but other than that he would be an amazing addition to your team!

  • @vinny said in vinny lft adv sniper/scout:



  • @Markers it’s okay, denial is part of grief. You’ll have hair again in the afterworld my friend ❤

  • incredibly talented player, ez pick up for sure.

  • bump give me tryouts… also would be super down to play heavy

  • bump… wouldnt be opposed to playing main or subbing

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