SickaSinnaz LFP adv s11

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  • New forming team looking to compete in adv this upcoming szn. Doing tryouts every weekend until our final roster is formed.

    Scout - patches? rn? Midnight-AG? lukamine?
    Solly - Darty? Kastaling?
    Pyro - Satan Goobah? m9?
    Demo - nimitz? nukanga? Katryna?
    Heavy - prime* lucki? patches?
    Engi - Jelly? EhToaster?
    Medic - prime* Matches_?
    Sniper - libero? fuzze? rn?
    Spy - illegal? airballer? lucki?

    I’ll either be playing medic or heavy, will adjust the roster accordingly


  • Spherical Crab LOL

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