LFT Medic Season 11

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  • https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?p=76561198130084809&r=24

    Main 4th Place Season 7
    Advanced 4th Place Season 8
    Challenger 3rd Place Season 9
    Advanced 2nd Place Season 10

    Those last three seasons were under my leadership. In 20 seasons of playing medic (in RGL and UGC) I have not once missed a match and ONLY ONCE have I lost steel on the only season I have ever not been team leader, season 7 RGL.

    I believe in improving and pushing myself, I watch every demo to every match and scrim I play, and I take criticisms to heart to make myself better every time I launch. While I’m not perfect, I work hard to get better, and I believe I have every single season.

    I want to play on a low invite team this season, try me out.

  • one of the most hard-working players i’ve played with, improved greatly over his time in advanced, and he deserves to be on at least a playoffs advanced team. That being said, gnu still has a few things to work on, and i’m not sure he’s ready for invite. But he’s still a very solid med and deserves a tryout

  • gnu is actually one of the kindest people ive ever played tf2 with. puts in the work, nothing but amazing things to say about him! actually one of the best people in the community hands down !

  • works very hard toward improvement and an overall enjoyable teammate! it has been a pleasure playing pyro for him this season.

  • THIS MAN IS FUCKING GREAT, ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE, genuinely one of my favorite teammates of all time, please try him out you wont be disappointed.

  • mr gnu is a super great guy and will make the team atmosphere fun

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