je'mond LFT demo S11

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  • had a hella ton of fun playing demoman this season! Would like to expand my knowledge.

    I can make anything and love to learn everything!

    I’m very good at taking criticism too!

    also understand I’ll be the worse player on the team but ya boy tryna prove himself no lie

    contact info

    steam -

    discord - je’mond#0007

    thank you for reading!

  • jemond is awesome, he deserves a good group of people to be around to improve. he made a ton of strides this season and was easily the most committed player i have ever seen, he demo reviewed and map reviewed at least 6 days a week for multiple hours on end. pls help mans

  • jemond makes me wanna kill myself

    7.8/10 would recommend

  • after only really knowing jemond for his 6s background I was kinda surprised with how quickly he absorbed information and fixed issues that were brought up to the best of his ability. easily one of the most adaptable demos/maincallers I’ve played with and one of the funniest teammates you can ask for.

  • je’mond is that one teammate that you’ll probably never forget, not only is his mental goated his ability to improve and adapt as a player is just as good. would love to see him play invite next season

  • jemond the goat. too bad he only plays highlander now… but he will farm nonetheless

  • jemond is my favorite teammate ever and it’s not close. no one works harder than him, no one takes criticism better, no one has a more steadfast mental, no one is more likeable. will map review before scrims, demo review after scrims, demo review before scrims the next day, and repeat. his love for the game will infect you through the mumble and his dedication will inspire you to grind to keep up with him.

    jemond isn’t just a winner, he is a champion

  • Jemond is next up

  • tf wrong with the other TLs not giving him a better team above low main earlier god DAMN

  • i love this jemond guy. solid pickup for any mid invite team in s11

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