dzcreeper LFT S11, medic/engie/soldier.

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  • Setup and mentality have peaked, just need a good team to stretch my legs.

    Would not be opposed to heavy or scout either, just haven’t played them recently.


  • last time dzcreeper posted an lft he got basically no comments, so i’ll say everything that needs to be said in case nobody else does:

    if you do not pick up dzcreeper, there is something irreparably wrong with your head and you need to seek medical attention immediately for the brain death that you have miraculously survived.

    there are good teammates. and then there is dzcreeper. who i’m pretty sure is a top 3 favorite of everyone who has ever played with him.

  • luigi is correct. dz single-handedly carried my team with his game knowledge and main calling. pick him up ASAP

  • I will say it again and again but I think DZ is a fantastic teammate to have both inside and out of game. Easily one of the first people I’m going to if I ever make a team again.

  • Its about time he’s offered a good team, his skill is unquestionable.

  • DZCreepa taught me everything I know about TF2

  • Takes the initiative far more than most players which already puts him near the top in my books. This is not to mention his mechanical skill and ability to corral players into a state of sentience.

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