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  • Hello Gamers of Recharge Gaming League

    (By the way, don’t click on the testco.tf link, it literally leads to nothing.)

    TestCo.tf is a map testing group that has been around for almost five years now, providing services to mappers in the competitive capacity for that long. We were the group who supported and tested for the mapper SturmTea who made koth_clearcut and Kevin gator for cp_villa for 6s.

    Our system works by selecting your region (NA) and then we will ask for you to provide your RGL profile so that we can help to get you in to play our HL and/or 6s if you so desire.

    -There will be no divisional limits on classes
    -We use a dice roll to determine who plays med, instead of a last to spec system
    -Pugs are Wed/Thur @ 7pm EST for HL and Fri/Sat @ 7PM for 6s
    -We typically test 2 maps per night, if there’s enough demand from our mappers
    -Players who missed out on pugs will always be playing the next match every time, regardless if you just joined after the game started or weren’t picked.
    -All test games will be streamed or recorded by admins/pug runners.
    -You must submit your RGL profile to be approved to play
    -The minimum requirement to play 6s and HL is Main

    We ask if you don’t want to be notified of a specific format if you are set up for both HL/6s that you mute a category

    If you have any specific questions for the mappers of our discord or want to provide feedback for a mapper, feel free to @ him or DM him in our discord.

    I am very excited to meet you all and I hope to continue to further TF2 to the best it can be.

    On another note we will be looking for new pug runners for TestCo.tf for NA HL, as we currently have none. For those who would like to become an a pug runner for NA HL and help out with map related things, please refer to Dwaggy#2288

    Discord Link Here: https://discord.gg/69BAPcf

  • HOLY DUBS!!!

  • Today we are going to be testing out the maps 5cp_craneway and koth_drainpipe. I hope to see you all here for amazing map tests!

    Games are at 7PM EST!

    Remember games on Friday and Sat are 6s at 7PM EST and the HL is Wed/Thurs at 7 PM EST :D

  • Good thing to see wave of the future come to RGL.

  • First of all, shoutouts to TestCo.TF and the owner Dwaggy and all the map creators working very hard behind the scenes to breathe new life into the competitive scene. As an admin for the group, I’ve been able to gain new information and discuss plans for upcoming projects regarding giving these new maps their must-needed attention. As someone who has been playing competitively since 2016 its come to my attention that what the people want are new maps. They don’t want no-restriction 6’s, and they don’t want a change in the meta as a whole. So instead, we have to make things interesting in a different way. Maps are the only way we can achieve this. People love their staple maps, such as process and gullywash, but they are getting a little old. We don’t want things to get boring. We don’t want things to get stale. Our goal is to continue making things fresh. We currently have 7 maps that are ready to be added and tested. At this point, the discord is more than just a pug group, but we still do pickup games if people are interested.

  • Tournaments are on the table! We’re planning on hosting them during the off-season.

  • https://www.twitch.tv/hyce777


    Final judging for maps begins soon! Watch either one of the streams above to see the results.

  • We are now at the end of the straight to the core contest, I am so happy that all of you attended to the contest and I am happy to announce that there will be some changes for contests in the future.

    For one, there will not be a theme restriction, which means you can make the map as pretty or as different as you like, go wild!

    The contests from here on out will be three to six months long with a soft lock of getting your map in at the third month and then finish it at the fourth to sixth month. I hope that this added time for future contests will help everyone in the future to not feel anymore time pressures from here on out

    We will however be restricting the formats of map types from here on out and what competitive gamemode they could be in as it was a bit hard for some of our judges to get any judging in. So we are going to be a lot more specific on the map types and formating. For example, hl koth maps.

    Now for what everyone is actually here for, the results:

    1st: CP_Sultry
    2nd: KOTH_Hive
    3rd: CP_Ancient
    4th: PL_Echo
    5th: KOTH_Squaresill
    6th: PL_Elevation

    Again thank you to all who were involved and to those who helped in getting this started like Sirc and more. I hope to see you all at the next contest! - Dwaggy

  • Big things happening and some changes! TESTCO will now only focus on the North American region. We were a little too ambitious and thought that we could work with every single region. We’d still like to support our ETF2L, Ozfortress, Asia Fortress, and FBTF families, but our group still needs to grow. We want to make sure we can get maps tested and accepted in our own respective league, RGL. Those who do not play in the RGL league can still participate in any future events or pugs we host.

    Now onto what we’re working on. TESTCO NEEDS ACTIVE PLAYTESTERS. Mappers need the feedback, and there’s no other way around it. We have already been doing this, but progress is being made at a very slow pace. Along with sixes and highlander, ultiduo is now a format we’re interested in. More info on ultiduo will be given later. We have older maps and newer maps ready to be tested. We want another vigil; we want another clearcut; we want new maps! We’re willing to collab with people in all departments to accomplish this, those departments being pug owners, content creators, and influencers. Small-scale tournaments of the three formats and more map contests are on the table and in the works. Intermediate sixes players are now allowed as well.

    We care about our mappers very much and are why this group was created in the first place. We also want to see something new within the comp scene without outright changing the meta. That is our mission and will forever be the goal of this group. TESTCO is alive! We hope you look forward to testing new maps with us!

    Big shoutouts to Dwaggy, by the way. He’s been working on this group since the beginning and has never taken a break. The rest of the staff and I thank you for your hard work and dedication to change within the competitive TF2 scene.

    TESTCO is hiring new staff members! Forms will be provided soon, but we would like more mappers to be a part of our staff.

    Here’s the signup sheet. We wish you the best of luck. https://forms.gle/B3V9ioF4f17fgcvf8

    I’m also happy to announce that we are now partnered with RGL Video Pugs! This pug group hosts weekly pugs and is also planning on doing a video series based on those pugs. Map testing will occur there ASAP. I’ll provide them with the correct tools on how to provide the best feedback for our mappers. Sixes and Highlander is being played there. For highlander it’s challenger+ and for sixes advanced+. Here’s a link to the group https://discord.gg/V76pjvDu

  • We will be doing HL pugs tonight at 6 PM EST

    We will be testing maps such as cp_scourge and koth_nobleford, more maps are a possibility though.

    HL pugs are Main+ and I hope to see you all there!


  • glad to see these back

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