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  • Soooo here we go again. Our Team made Invite playoffs in S10 despite it was our second season in invite. Now we aim to place in invite in S11. I will be co-leading the team with Rogue ✌ feel free to message us for tryouts

    A little bit about Team Yeye, we have been a team together since S6 and have climbed the ranks together. We know how to work with each other and are excited to receive new members as our old teammates have retired or become subs 🙂 Our team comes with team therapy and minecraft… :3

    S11 Roster

    scout: dotwet
    enige: austin
    solly: LFP
    demo: LFP
    heavy: LFP
    pyro: pyrrhus
    medic: Rogue/Sakura
    sniper: michaelpc1
    spy: jayeezy


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