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  • The core of our team is staying together for next season. Unfortunately, Arzt is taking a break from TF2 😭 😭

    We have ideas on who we want for each class but I do want to bring in an unknown variable similar to when we picked up Joey in season 8. Someone who has consistently performed well despite factors outside of their control in either playoffs advanced or invite.

    scout: wish
    pyro: 😭 😭 😭
    demo: Joey Lemons
    heavy: Adam
    engi: flu walrus
    medic: hyphen
    sniper: probably nyxi
    spy: Agb?

    Agb is willing to play other classes if we can’t find a suitable player for any of the missing classes.

  • i think i could bring a unique aspect to the roster, i would love to try out for you guys and see if we can make magic happen!

  • thumb.jpg

  • do NOT let agb player soldier

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