McClucker LFT adv sniper s11

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  • hoping to play snipes in main or advance
    trying to improve more and more
    I like long walks on the beach


  • give him a home, will carry teams.

  • Good sniper and a great guy, always improving. Give my mans clucker a tryout 💯

  • he got so many picks in our semis that absolutely changed the direction of the game. very solid pick up and good sniper.

    stop body shotting me

  • By far my best student that makes me proud everyday. Constantly grinding finding a way to improve. I told him to aim train and man’s put in like 200 hrs into kovaaks in 2 months. Already beating mid adv snipers as a big noob that just got 1k hrs in the game. If you don’t think this is pure natural talent and hard work, you’re blind. Pick him up if you actually have more than 2 braincells.

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