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  • hi i would like to tryout soldier in invite or top advanced, or offclass on like spy or something for a chill team

    despite my reputation that i have earned for what some would say are questionable performances in pugs, i believe i consistently proved myself to be one of the top soldiers in advance in scrims and matches and can play and grow quickly in invite

  • da goat!!!

  • A great teammate, pick this man up on soldier!

  • Disregard everything you know about Saturation in pugs.

    I believe are no high advanced/challenger soldiers that can thrive better with a coordinated team than Saturation. He doesn’t do well in pugs because there isn’t a ton of coordination and teamwork in pugs. Saturation is the epitome of a playmaker type of Soldier more than any other at his level.

    He has great mental outside of pugs. I’ve seen him play matches and scrims, he doesn’t tilt at all. How many Soldiers can you find at a high-level (adv-invite) that DON’T occasionally clutter comms or not comm at all after they get frustrated. Probably very little.

    I hate seeing this idea that Saturation is a bad Soldier for the level he’s trying to compete at now (top advanced-invite), when I’ve seen this man destroy when he has the right kind of team that supports his style of play.

    Give him a chance! I’m begging you!


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