LFT main/adv pretty much any class lol

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  • Looking For:
    Any team or teammates that are willing to be respectful and work to improve. I would want to be on a team that is likely to win their division. I’m hoping to play in Main or Advanced and I’d be willing to do just about any class, although I do have a preference for spy or sniper. I have at least some experience playing HL as every class and I consider myself easy to work with (although a bit shy). I really love helping others and I do well with organization and scheduling. I have experience maincalling and I am knowledgeable with the basics of how and where every class plays at every point of every map. I currently mentor a few newcomer/amateur players but I should always be available. I also very frequently get my own demos reviewed by invite players. I have been mentored by NickK, watterson, Joey Lemons, and Rogue previously.

    Team Fortress 2 Competitive History:

    RGL Highlander:
    Mistigris | Demoman & Team Captain (RGL HL Newcomer Season 6, 1st Place)
    The | Sniper & Team Captain (RGL HL Intermediate Season 7, 5th Place)
    Bagels & Donuts | Demoman (RGL HL Amateur Season 8, 1st Place)
    Sunrise | Sniper Sub (RGL HL Advanced Season 9, 10th Place)
    Oatmeal Time | Demoman & Team Captain (RGL HL Intermediate Season 9, 12th Place)
    wagoogus | Sniper through week 5, Demoman for rest & Team Captain (RGL HL Main Season 10, 5th Place)

    RGL Prolander:
    pl_hijinks | Demoman & Team Captain (RGL Prolander OCD 6 Div 5 2nd Place)
    Pandomizer | Scout Sub (RGL Prolander Season 9 Div 8 2nd Place)
    We Comm House | Demoman/Sniper Flex (RGL Prolander Season 9 Div 6 3rd Place)

    Patriots | Sniper (ETF2L Highlander Open Season 1)
    Weezer Fanclub | Sniper (N/A Highlander)
    Captain Crunch Club | Pyro (UGC HL NA Season 34)

    Available pretty much all day every day.


    grey#2625 on Discord

  • a decent sniper for main but, really strong demo. Cool and chill
    praise bingus!

  • cooperative and really chill player, always looking to improve
    grey is solid sniper, def worth picking them up : )

  • A versitle, great, comm heavy player. Worth trying out!

  • Cracked man lost my head too many times to him I fear his payload sniper.

  • grey has come a long way want to see them get on a good team

  • grey is super eager to learn and open to criticism. extremely positive player with a lot of potential! beast demo that deserves a team in advanced!

  • grey is pretty solid on both sniper and demo would recommend for sure

  • i really believe grey is mad underrated. solid sniper and demo gameplay and overall a great teammate. by far one of the most supportive and open minded maincallers ive worked with and any team would be lucky to have them.

  • I’ve gotten to work with grey a good amount this season and I’m floored by how high they’ve climbed. Clear, deliberate, honest, open-minded, grey has such a great approach to the game and a great way of working together with teammates. Very excited to see where grey ends up

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