LFP S8 IM every class except pocket scout

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  • I’m looking to create and lead a team with the goal of moving up to Main in 1-2 seasons. This will be my first season playing IM, but my personal goal is to gain experience against and with players better than myself. Although it will be a challenge, I have aspirations to make playoffs.

    I’ve never tried making a team from scratch before, but the main goal for this team is to improve and move up in divisions together. Outside of having that common goal, I’m looking for respectful players that are willing to take constructive criticism and are willing to give me the same.

    Tryouts will be sets of pugscrims starting next week on 11/15/21. The tentative schedule for scrims will be Monday through Friday at 930 and 1030 est. Let me know if you’re interested through Discord.

    Discord: F3RRAL#1518

  • @F3RRAL
    +rep. great, determined, motivated and chill ass player. learns/improves really fast and will do amazing with good players. join F3RRAL’s team and u will win

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