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  • yo im eeriegk aka coach bucks. according to bowl of mayo, this season is supposed to be the Best Season Yet (claim still unverified). so im gonna be covering this. ill be interviewing the teams currently in playoffs, with polls on who i interview from each team dropping every monday night after matches.

    this aint coach’s corner season 2 so dont expect the same level of quality, but its something lol.

    -----------------WEEK 1------------------------------------




    Ronnie J

    -----------------WEEK 2------------------------------------





    -----------------GRAND FINALS------------------------------------

    Joey Lemons


    thank you to my interns rolling, odb, perenne & baby brother bffl for the help as always. let me know if you guys have suggestions, criticism, comments, etc.

    EDIT (11/28/21): and with that, the coach’s coverage has ended. thank you very much for the support as always as well as thank you to the ones i interviewed & also thank you to my interns. any questions/concerns/comments/etc feel free to link me on steam. thanks.

  • we finally finished the melon interview. i updated the original post.

  • Posted for the COACH since he’s in bed.

    Greetings! Here are the polls for each team. I’m not doing repeat interviews, no offense to the people I already interviewed! - Hood Naruto - 3600 - chinese shovel - yeye

    again let me know if u got criticism, suggestions, comments, etc. thank you very much !

  • polls broke sorry about that.

    agb, blank, jayhyunpae & sakura won. expect interviews to be released sunday night. thank you.

  • new week 2 posted. blank opted out in favor of their newly appointed coach Dr. Alto H Chef. thanks.

    by the way i wont be here for next week. i got a time machine to build. week after that, ill be back though.

  • hello fellas im here on official coaches corner business
    the coach is asleep atm so im posting in his place - 3600 - hood naruto

    vote for who u want to be interviewed, polls are open

    thank u very much. winners will be announced on the bowl of mayo spreadsheet stream tommorow

  • grand finals posted. coach’s coverage has now ended. thank u for reading, i appreciate it.

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