Technoman LFT Heavy S11

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  • Im looking to play heavy for a team now that my team has disbanded after several seasons. I’ve played 4 1/2 seasons of heavy. I also would like to try and finally cross over the gap to adv to play for a low - mid adv teams. If you want to try me out please hmu!

    Discord: Technoman#4313

  • He might not be the best, but he definitely tries his best to adapt to his team’s needs, and will listen to feedback. He’s also a very chill player with good mental and will bring positive energy to any team. He usually pulls his weight, and sometimes he just pops off and goes like 46-10 one game. Solid pickup for any main-advanced team.

  • I have played with this man for several seasons and can say that he is one of the most dedicated players to improving at TF2 HL heavy. He cares deeply about this game. I say this because I have witnessed his improvement firsthand! Pick up Technoman. He is a real one and he will exceed your expectations.

  • Mentored me back when I played heavy a season ago. Very smart player who knows what it takes to win.

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