lft adv spy s11

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  • hey doing this again.
    down to sub or main. depends on what i have time for.
    just wanna enjoy the game and highlander again with a good team.
    i’d like to think i’m dedicated and willing to improve as well as listen to any criticism you have for me.

    you can contact me on discord or steam

  • he stabs, he comms, and he works part time at buffalo wild wings.

    what more could you ask for

  • underrated spy, wants 2 win if u give him a good environment to work with, being worked to death by buffalo wild wings, is adv playr but his team wasnt adv so therefor he got the noob record. good tryout and pick up

    illegal is fantastic. Just needs to work on communication, aim, map awareness, movement, cloak management, stab consistency, decloak spots, decloak timings, positioning, general gamesense, playing off his team, sapper timings, mental and getting a frag.

  • I really liked playing with legal he is very cool, stabs people well and gives good comms. goated at the fishingtonio too.

  • Very talented spy. Your team’s spychecking needs to be ON point vs him or he becomes a problem. And from what I hear he gives good comms too. Easy pickup.

  • perfect mix between comms spy and DM spy, would play with again any day of the week

  • I miss illegal ;-;

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