LFT IM/Main Demoman S11

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  • Heyo, I’ve recently played S10 of HL in AM and slapped booty as Demoman. Looking for a chill adult team to play main demo for that wants to win hard. I’m really calm and chill toned but serious when we aim to improve and win. I can maincall but I am up for any kind of caller. I will slap if you slap with me

    I’m always free during the week and weekends, up for reviews, talks and everything whenever for reviewing demos, playing scrims and all that. While also getting plenty of mentoring and higher div reviews when I can.

    Would love to tryout with any solid team IM-Main, just add me on discord!

    • Drildaeth#6936
  • @Clockwickdemo +REP amazing player. Knows his stuff and chefs kiss DM

  • Very good player, solid comms, and really really wants to win. They try hard to win, but aren’t a sore loser. Pick this player up, trust.

  • I’ve played Open for a while now and Clockwick is definitely a good pick for any team. He does not fear anything at all and will do pushes with 0 fear at all. His DM is good and he’s not afraid of being told what not to do from higher div players. He’s open to new ideas and above all will put his heart out for the team and the games. I would recommend to pick him up for a IM / Main Level team…

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