minty scout/spy s11

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  • looking to end my owen legacy in advanced next season, trying to find an advanced team to play spy or scout for. ive been holding my weight so far in this div and id love for you to give me a shot!
    all i ask is that you are able to drop beef from the past, i promise you i am a different person from even a few months ago.

    pyro s3 open
    spy s4 im champions
    spy sub s5 2nd place main
    spy s8 main
    multiclass sub s9 adv
    spy, then scout s10 adv

    love you all

  • everyone gives minty shit but minty is a very solid player would like to see them get on a good team πŸ™‚

  • Minty is a good mechanical player with issues in his comms, assuming the issues are actually fixed (which you can only tell by playing with him) he is a solid pickup

    gl minty

  • minty is a solid player with actually good mechanics both on spy and scout so it would be nice to see them get on a good team next szn

  • Let that minty frag

  • bumping πŸ™‚

  • Playing against minty in pugs I can defiantly tell his mechanics are slowly improving I think hes more then capable of playing spy on an advanced team

    Minty defiantly makes the effort to try to communicate to his teammates where people are when some spys wont speak for the life of them.
    I think the best skill minty has is the effort he puts in and the confidence to play in invite pugs surrounded by talent. Being around invite talent and getting ass blasted is honestly some of the best practice you can get as a newer player cause I think it will force u to grow quicker.
    I feel like I see that more and more as he plays

    He’s making some of the mistake I made when I was around that age ( obviously not as bad )
    But hes got heart something I cant say about most players
    This is how I truly feel ! Hope your season goes well

  • mans got finessed out da gang way

  • i cant scrim this weekend but im free to tryout next weekend if need-be, dm me please πŸ™‚

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