Paragon LFT as all-class sub

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  • I’m looking to be an all-class sub on any team that needs one (my previous team disbanded). I really want to play on a dedicated team but my evening work schedule does not allow me to be a main. As such, I can only sub on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday evenings. Never on match days unfortunately.

    You can expect reliability, professionalism, and openness from me. I will never ghost. As long as we are aligned on my availability, then I am happy to sub for any team. I just ask that the team is reasonably well organized and has a consistent scrim schedule I can plan around.

    As for my experience, I played a few seasons of UGC Silver ~8 years ago as Demo / Pyro. An a couple seasons of RGL recently (Prolander div 11, HL IM as sub).

    IM is probably where I would fit the best, but given it’s a sub role I’m comfortable with +/- 1 (e.g. AM, Main)

    I main demo but am comfortable subbing on any class. If you’re interested, message me on discord! Looking forward to playing together 😃

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