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  • I have been playing for years and have almost 3k hours but never took the HL or 6s too serious looking to start to learn HL and hoping a newcomer team might be likeminded so Lmk

  • Hey buddy, first of all, welcome to the competitive TF2 community! Secondly, we are currently midseason, so most teams aren’t really looking for starters/mains at the moment and won’t start looking at players for next season for a couple of weeks, although some teams might be looking for substitutes.

    However, I would strongly recommend joining the RGL Discord which is linked on the RGL website in the bar with the news and stuff (click the little discord icon). Most newcomer players for whatever reason don’t really use the RGL forums, and so the bulk of recruiting will happen in the #Looking-For-Team-HL or #Looking-For-Players-HL channels in there. In the discord there are also a number of channels with resources for new players, places to ask questions, and just general information about the league.

    If you feel so inclined, feel free to contact me on steam or discord, both are linked on my RGL player page with any questions. If not I’m sure there are plenty of people in the discord willing to help you.

    Once again, welcome and good luck!

  • @cayorne Thanks a bunch for all the info I will hop in the discord and see where it goes thanks again!

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