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  • Hi. 👽

    I’m currently sniping for the itsyAcore Experience in Advanced this season. I’ve been a part of RGL’s Highlander league since Season 6, and have learned a lot since then from personal observation and the advice of my peers and friends. Since the end of Season 8, I’ve been actively mentoring for Snipers from Newcomer to Main; I help with DM, game sense, and positioning to help ensure you’re an effective Sniper with minimal deaths.

    I do demo reviews, map reviews, live comms reviews, and can generally answer most questions related to Highlander and playing Sniper. Feel free to chat with me or schedule something by messaging me on Discord (jimsgims#3811). I’m not one to reach out and look for new mentees; if you want input on how to get better, then you have to reach out to me.

    My availability is listed below (time zone is based on EST):

    • Monday: 5pm - 6pm
    • Tuesday: 2pm - 10:30pm
    • Wednesday: 2pm - 10:30pm
    • Thursday: 6pm - 10pm
    • Friday: 2pm - 10:30pm (only day I do live comms reviews)
    • Saturday: 2pm - 7pm
    • Sunday: 2pm - 7pm

    There will always be exceptions to this schedule, both if something comes up for me or if I’m fine with reviewing something you have at like, 2am. I also sent out this post to my mentees so that they can get a better idea of my availability for this coming season.

    RGL Profile

  • I’ve been getting mentored by Jims since the end of Season 8 after I finished my first season in Newcomer, and I can safely say that one of the biggest reasons why I was able to make it this far was because of his reviews and advices. He’s helped me with a lot of things not only regarding DM/positioning stuff, but also on things like mental. Definitely recommend getting mentored by him. 🙂

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