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  • Hey gamers, with permission from RGL staff, I’m putting out this public invitation to my highlander mentoring discord - The Office.
    (this link should be permament)

    We currently have over 300 members and a solid base of players with invite experience who can help out with all aspects of tf2. We’ve helped with individual and team mentoring for several seasons, and returning again this season will be weekly public map reviews.

    I encourage any newer players to join up, talk to any of the mentors for individual advice, or show up this Saturday 6:30 est for my pl_vigil map review.

    After this week, I’ll be holding public reviews Friday 7:30 est under the same format.

    I also encourage anyone with invite/high adv experience to join and become a mentor! Or, if you’re already mentoring on your own, bring your mentees too! This is a great community for anyone trying to learn, and it can really help to have everything in one place.

    If you have any questions, feel free to dm me on discord:

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