The Heavy Went To Dinner - you are backing up

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  • POV: You are coming to dinner

    I am making a team in Main with my good buddies. It’ll be a relaxed environment, but we’re gonna scrim and try to win, so come hungry. It’ll be a meal you never forget.

    We now have a full roster, but could use some backups, anyone is free to apply.


    Scout: SmashySmashy / Night-O
    Soldier: trapanomics
    Pyro: Willy
    Demo: throne
    Heavy: walrus
    Engineer: turbo
    Medic: catgroove (sobigallmytoesarebigtoes) (pastapenis) (ceofuckhoes) (barf sickson)
    Sniper: mag
    Spy: Dukeofspook

    Add me on steam here or message me on Discord at Willy_#9908

    You can also add catgroove here or message him on Discord at sobigallmytoesarebigtoes#0316

    We await your reservations.

  • Bump - we are only missing a demo now!

  • Another bump - full roster, looking for subs

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