lft sniper main/adv

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  • lft main/advanced sniper

    22 years old, experienced player looking for a serious and dedicated team.
    i work a part time job a few nights a week, so i wont be able to play in every
    single scrim/practice but i can schedule off for all match nights and will be available to play.

    tf2 - 5k hours
    csgo - 4k hours

    previous comp history:
    ugc s21 6s silver scout/sniper/soldier
    ugc s10 HL iron spy
    ugc s12 HL silver sniper
    ugc s15 HL gold sniper
    ugc s18 HL gold sniper

    contact me on discord if you are interested. if i dont respond right away im
    most likely asleep or working and will respond asap.


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