LFT main or adv sniper, could maybe play scout

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  • played main last season, got second place, played IM before that and won right after i got un-banned. i wanna be on a team that’s serious and wants to get better. I’m easily a main sniper and maybe advanced now. and i would probably be around a main level scout.

  • +rep, good sniper, willing to learn, and fun to play with.

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  • This guy is an amazing person, fairly funny, and very good at both Sniper and Scout! Please, don’t let his previous ban change your opinion of him! He’s always willing to improve, so please don’t hesitate on picking him up if you’re debating on picking him up!

  • he sounds like he’s suicidal but actually a v good sniper and scout + cute

  • +rep, very good sniper. I enjoyed playing with him for 2 seasons. At first my team was skeptical about picking him up due to his rgl history. I am so happy we looked pass that. I would encourage future teams to do the same. Not only is he reformed, but he is also very talkative, and helps keep mental in check. He is always willing to learn and adapt, and teams can definitely take advantage of that and mold him into that perfect sniper for your team. His lft post is short and sweet, so ill do the sales pitch for him. PICK THIS GUY UP

  • I was his team leader for two seasons and have somethings to say. Effex is honestly one of the best players I’ve played with in and out of the game. His sniper was insane, and although he kind of botted for the SVS a ton, he would win most of the time, and created space for the team off his picks. His scout we forced him onto with very short notice into Main playoffs, where he was winning on the flank, and rotating crazy good on koth. If he keeps on playing scout, no doubt his scout could eclipse his sniper. He also brought a ton of personality to the team (which my team misses 😢 ) while keeping a good mental. While struggling against momentum in multiple matches, he had words and jokes to say to keep his team going.

    I’ve heard about teams not giving this guy a chance because of his RGL history, which is not fair at all. Again, as his team leader, it was obvious to my team that he has matured and will not get banned or warned again. Give him a go, both his play and his attitude has grown.

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  • Please look into picking up effex for your team, he is a good hitscan player and a great dude. Don’t let his past bans discourage you from picking him up, every ban was more than a year old and he has changed since then, and I have plenty of people who can back that up, including me. He is a very good sniper and a very good scout, and it wouldn’t hurt giving him a shot for your team. :))

  • very good sniper and good scout for being forced onto it mid szn. he is really talkative on both classes and good at saving mental. he is also really funny outside the server and is reformed. please pick him up

  • This dude is prolly the one dude that wont tilt when everything is going south and will try to keep the comms coming. The dude is super chill and nice to be around and cant see why he hasn’t been picked up. If anyone is looking for a super dope sniper to pick up then its effex. The ban he got was 2 years ago and never heard anything racist during the time i played with im for 2 season. Give this guy a shot!

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