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  • already posted in the rgl lft section but ill just copy paste here too, Never had to make an lft post before, most of you know me mostly as a demo main, but ive played seasons of heavy too, and i may arguably be better at it, been playing since ugc season 9, thats circa 2011-12 ish, anyway please dont message me for demo tryouts as i really want a break from demoman right now, have some experience in challenger which apparently doesnt exist any longer and gold for anyone old enough to remember that, but ive spent majority of my time in the main/ advanced region, am available normal saturday-monday times. Brick #8512 is my discord, probably easiest to direct contact me there instead of steam adding me

  • One of the best teammates I have ever had in the video game. I’ve never had the pleasure of playing with Brick when he’s on heavy, but he’ll bring a wealth of experience to any idea. <3

  • one of my best friends and easily the most influential player ive played with, nothing but good things to say about his heavy and demo, having played against both. i think his heavy is better than his demo personally, and i can say for sure brick is a solid pickup and great player to play with. pick him up!

  • he fucked my wife and i was jealous of her

    shits and giggles aside, hes easily my best friend and my all time favorite teammate. hes yet another dude that plays heavy arguably better than his real main and absolutely fucks. amazing brain amazing comms and great attitude. give him a good team and he’ll be a top 3 heavy in adv in no time

  • Brick is one of my best friends who has helped me since I started He’s got a plethora of experience and is an overall great person to be around. He works hard to improve every team he’s on, helps to find compromises if disagreements ever arise, and is very supportive of his teammates

  • always a super chill guy to talk to i hope he gets a good team an when i played against him he was pretty solid give him a shot! :)

  • Good person, good player, good heavy, reliable. Honestly if you don’t know Brick you’ve been living under a rock. This is the heavy you’ve been looking for.

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