seasonal rotate out upward in spite of poll results thread

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  • @Mothership I have seen upward pro, and I do know why it is worse than normal upward :)

  • @Mothership said in seasonal rotate out upward in spite of poll results thread:

    @pajaro said in seasonal rotate out upward in spite of poll results thread:

    bring back millstone already

    @Alto said in OLD FORUMS:

    threadly reminder that the millstone developer refused to make any substantial changes to the map for fear of upsetting pubbies who liked the halloween version

    @Markers said in Question about pl_millstone:

    Unfortunately the map maker doesn’t want to change anything for millstone to make it a staple map in highlander, so we’ll probably never have it played again.

    @Jas said in seasonal rotate out upward in spite of poll results thread:

    how about pl_upward_pro_b2 :^)

    Have you actually seen upward pro, or are you just spit-balling ideas around.

    i dont care that the old developer hasn’t changed it, other people can edit maps too

  • @pajaro it’s not really that simple

    the map files we play on are not the true map files. when a map maker makes a map in Hammer, they save that map on their own computer and it’s the only true version that exists. we can call this the “parent” map. the map files that we put on servers are derivations of that parent map, or a “child” map. you /can/ load up a child map in hammer but there’s going to be a decent amount of weird issues if you try to make any meaningful changes because hammer’s reverse-engineering the parent map off of the child map.

    it happened with ashville because the original creator of ashville passed off the original parent map, but mapmakers tend to be very reluctant to hand those out since it’s like handing over control of an intellectual property to someone else.

    i’m not 100% on the process because i don’t actually work with maps directly, but i know gobitoe was having a ton of problems related to this when he was working on lakeside_pro. that being said, we have pro badwaters and lakeside_r, so i don’t know exactly how the process works when it comes to valve maps, but i’d imagine doing it on a custom map isn’t that simple.

  • @gobitoe IDK if you’ll see this, but I’d be pretty curious about how it was working with Lakeside in this capacity if you want to talk about it!

  • It’s not hard at all to basically edit a map, make some changes, and simulate behavior from what the original map was. Decompiling is barely a difficult effort, and the errors that do pop up when you change the map are typically easy to fix… Most of Ashville, besides the abysmal brushwork, was literally pressing ALT + P and pressing “Fix All” with various errors that were of the typical field that needed it.

  • @Alto i think it’s easier to just think of them as a source vmf file and a compiled bsp file, which is what they are…

  • ratio sadly

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