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  • Our team is looking for players for HL Season 10! Formerly known as Spidercrew, our team has defied expectations season after season, and we are looking for what we have always looked for, individuals with a drive to improve with a good mental. Last season we placed 3rd in Challenger and this coming season we are looking to win or at the very least place in Challenger. The individuals on my team are always driven to constantly get better, and we hope to attract the same in our tryouts.

    If you want to improve and you want to be a part of a team that WILL NOT be toxic, come and try out for us, we fully intend to be a top Challenger contender.

    Requirements for tryouts incluide:

    • A good attitude
    • Availability on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings for scrims and matches
    • Placement Advanced, Challenger, or Invite experience (tryouts will be prioritized by highest experience level)

    Our current roster (tryouts not included):

    Scout: LFP
    Soldier: killz
    Pyro: LFP
    Demo: LFP, MUST maincall
    Heavy: BBL
    Engie: Cristanc99
    Medic: Mr. Gnu
    Sniper: LFP
    Spy: LFP

    Subs: manlikebubble (flank), Raid (flank), LF combo/ pick class subs

    Consider us. Mr. Gnu#8900

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