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  • hi i’d like to play again next season tf2 is a fun game as long as i just interact with cool people. will chill with the team and i usually make the players around me play better if that’s a selling point you like

    invite demo or engineer. i was pretty good at both before i took a break. somewhat interested in soldier (good rockets, good gamesense, meh jumping so i will practice jump maps) and very slightly in heavy

  • I liked the criticism Ill make sure to take it to heart

  • aaron is probably one of the biggest reasons why I ever made it out of silver
    honestly fantastic on whatever class you put him on, great guy both inside and out of game and if I were to lead a team again i’d always want him on it
    Nothing but good things to say about him, any team would be lucky to have him as a main

  • smrat, handsome, and anime

  • i would take a bullet for aaron because he’s a sweet guy who i enjoy discussing tf2 and life with. aaron tells it how it is and knows his way around both the game and the team outside of the game. i’m very excited to see how he fares on fragging classes, for i have only seen him on engineer.

  • found a team

    although 3 teams said they’d only ever try me out on engineer yay!

  • @Aaron the new blood doesn’t know what’s been unleashed!

  • bump for s12 i may wanna play with mcm offclass but i kinda wanna scrim and compete and all that and they’ve got a lot of gamers interested

  • goated on many classes, turned ami from dirt to diamonds in s2, and is a champ as a friend, teammate, and person.

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