supreme toad/marty lft

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  • hi I played too much pyro now I have worms in my brain

    lft scout chal/inv

    I can try to call if you need but prefer not to!!

    please dm me on discord Marty#2778

  • marty is awesome

  • in my top 10 teammates of all time across all game modes as well as a longtime friend

    i rib him for his offclass but he’s genuinely really good at scout and would pick up the highlander vibe in invite pretty quickly. so far easily the best scout lft rn

  • i would take a bullet for this man because marty is not only a great friend of mine, but one of my favorite teammates to work with. marty performs at his best when he can work with the people around him in such a way that allows him to get frags in unexpected places. marty knows how to apply pressure and how to capitalize on his team’s pushes ❤
    a very cute and versatile player, but you already knew that.

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