Competitive testing!

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  • Greetings, Competitive Gamers!
    Recently,, the largest and most well known mapping community for TF2, has recently started a service to test maps for 6v6 and 9v9 competitive play, and we need you! You, being, pretty much anyone really; as long as you know the basics of the formats, you’re good to go!
    We do both EU and US tests, at varying times.

    There are a few things to note, as we’re not quite a ‘normal’ comp community.
    -No minimum div for acceptance.
    -Our playtest times change every week, but we usually play at around 8pm UTC.
    -Our aim is to test at least 2 maps per test.
    -Tests have demos recorded and stats uploaded to
    -We test a variety of gamemodes.

    Apart from players, we’re also looking for hosts to help run these tests, EU-based, preferably.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (Suna#3729) via Discord.

    Server invite link:

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