Got an extra medal for season 8

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  • Sup. I got a challenger medal for s8 highlander and today I randomly got a season 8 advanced hl medal (which I was not rostered for).

    Just checking in case you sent medals to the wrong list of people or I’ve been given someone else’s medal lol

  • FWIW this happened to me a couple of seasons ago – two extra medals actually – and they didn’t get, er, reassigned or anything like that. Based on that experience, I’m guessing the procedure is more that people who are missing medals have to go open tickets once the formal announcement has gone out of “Okay, we’re done distributing, NOW who’s still missing stuff?”

    (People suggested crafting them into something, but I am keeping them in a corner of my inventory as a commemorative thing, kind of like a coin collector keeping around a fucked-up nickel or something…)

  • i think i got three HL medals for season 6, between generating the massive list of steam ids and the whole distribution process this kinda thing just happens sometimes

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