LFP S10 Advanced Engineer

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  • LFP S10 Advanced - Engineer

    We are looking for mature, skilled, and dedicated players for the upcoming season. Many of us started as strangers last season and we’ve become a close-knit group at this point. The discord is very social and lively and there are no signs of that changing. Outside of scrims we occasionally do clowny stuff like play hide-and-seek in a tf2 server or play “zombies” or other silly activities.

    We are looking to keep a positive environment while improving at a steady rate. There will be team map reviews weekly to solidify the plan going into the scrim days. After scrims, we will have demo reviews from well-trusted and skilled players. Please contact me if you would like to tryout and think you would fit in with this kind of vibe.

    The Team

    Scout - Matches
    Soldier - Dubthink
    Pyro - darkfire, m9, ice, lumiti
    Demo - Despy
    Heavy - Patches
    Engineer - rmx
    Medic - Ben.
    Sniper - Powerpuker
    Spy - Godo


    My Discord: Despy#8460

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