Theo LFT s10

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  • I’m looking to play invite but I’m not denying to play challenger now. I probably need another season to not play invite, I only really just want to play for experience so I can have that reason to be in invite. Since I didn’t play for 2 seasons, I’m not seen as someone who can play invite. So I would like to get that experience to grow more than what I’ve been doing. I also might have this be my last season since I’m just trying to get away from my family.

  • I love my guy Theo

    This man put up with so much shit on the dojo

    U can fucking do It buddy I still believe in you

  • Challenger is gone and I dont want to play adv (Will if no luck). I’d like a fun team in invite at least

  • why would you not be allowed to play adv
    it’s literally the same division that challenger would be

    shouldn’t have to come to that though, since mechanically you’re definitely capable of playing Invite

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