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  • It seems like they’re taking the port-like, “be as faithful as possible to the original” kind of approach with this, as opposed to more moddy, spiritual-successory things like TF2Classic.

    My question is, what exactly is the benefit of Source 2 other than perhaps “looks prettier”?

    From the About page:

    We know that Source 2 provides a lot of graphical improvements as well as a new physics engine. It is a lot more up-to-date to modern game development standards, compared to the two decades old Source, yet similar in some ways.

    What are the ways in which a new physics engine and better adherence to modern gamedev standards impact the end user’s experience, in lay terms? Just less laggy/glitchy or something?

  • @scaredy-bat You know how everyone has to use graphics configs to get any sort of decent framerate? We would no longer need graphics configs just to be able to play the game.

  • I’ve never done any super legit game dev stuff, but as someone who gets paid to program, I can’t help but sorta echo @scaredy-bat

    I haven’t read the changelogs and don’t know the details, but shouldn’t source -> source 2 be like going from one version of MS Office/Photoshop/Ubuntu, etc. to a newer one? Mostly just some code clean-up on the backend to speed some things up, maybe some new features (mostly for devs)? Or maybe a better analogy would be like Python 2 -> Python 3 or some other programming language version thing.

    I would be surprised if the performance isn’t a little cleaner, but as a CS player as well, I’ve found myself a little frustrated at people asking for Source 2 just expecting it to be TF3 or CSGO2 when in reality it will only have minor implications on the game as a whole.

    I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, I like people doing fun little side projects to improve their programming, but I feel like this will be a total flop and mostly just serve as a resume booster. It’s much easier to install a graphics config than a source mod that will likely just have a couple of small, mostly empty servers.

    But I guess if they make it open source or something like that, they could do some of valve’s work for them (or maybe someone can fork it and make a more proper standalone game), but Valve seems to have a track record of ignoring community fixes/code, they only seem to take in community feedback for weapon/map balancing, bugs, and cosmetics.

  • @tua Source is 15+ years old. Unreal Engine is on its 5th major version, while Source would be on its 2nd major version. So, while this is presumptuous of me to say, I would think Source 2 is built from the ground up over Source. Plus since Source 2 is supporting allegedly supporting Vulkan. that could mean TF2 could be ported into Vulkan which would result in smoother framerates over D3D.

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