Biggie lft sniper s10 main/adv

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  • Hi all,

    Returning comp sniper with 2.5k+ hours looking to find a chill, fun, and game winning team for season 10 main or advanced. I don’t have any seasons of RGL under my belt, but I do have 5 seasons of UGC HL with the highest being silver some years back. (My comms are great as well) can use either mumble or discord for comms.

    I can scrim/try-out whenever currently on weekdays/weekends (prefer afternoon/late hours but it is what it is)

    Discord: biggie#7059

    Thanks for your time!

  • @Biggie Biggie will frag and worth the pick up! He is very communicative and has great comms as a sniper. I can tell he is very motivated to play in the RGL scene and is quite experienced with competitive. Biggie def can carry so pls give this gamer a chill, fun, and game-winning team 🙂

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