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  • do you guys have any ideas for the future of TF2? post them here.

  • The future in what sense? Like “I wish this would happen” or like “I think this will happen” or like “I believe this must happen if we want a future at all”?

    I can daydream about fabulous new maps and Valve fixing bugs and miraculous balanced new weapons and a Strange Eureka Effect, of course. I suppose what is most likely to happen is that we’ll just get along with cosmetics and perhaps some holiday themed community maps. But as long as the servers keep running, there’s always going to be folks around. Even TFC still had some tiny amount of activity despite being eight years older than TF2 and, well, being replaced by TF2.

    Comp-wise, IMO the key is to be able to continue interesting and retaining newcomers; and in one respect, the more that we can break the community’s vicious cycles and cultivate healthy, welcoming behavioral norms, the easier it is to do that.

    I know some other people like to daydream about a TF3. Personally I don’t know if anything very like TF2 would really feel like a new game worth the separate launch, and if you look at TFC vs TF2, I don’t know that a sufficiently new game would necessarily appeal to all of the old audience. Projecting from that… TF2 took TFC and added style and humor, so what would a TF3 add to TF2? …substance??

  • @scaredy-bat said in ideas for the future:

    I can daydream about fabulous new maps and Valve fixing bugs and miraculous balanced new weapons and a Strange Eureka Effect, of course.

    I am against the idea of a strange EE as the ability to teleport is strange enough.

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  • less brain warp delusion.

  • @scaredy-bat i mean, id think a tf3 would be more cs:s -> cs:go as opposed to tfc -> tf2 - more under the hood changes and revitalization than a totally different game along the same lines

  • @vibeisveryo Yeah, that’s what I mean about it not really feeling like it’s worth being a new game if it’s fairly similar. (That bit is an opinion bit!)

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  • I think 1 person being able to support tf2 comp within valve via weapon balance (and relatively knowing what they’re talking about) would solve at least 75% of TF2’s problems. Everyone would suddenly have hope about the future of the game.

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  • the only hope of tf3 happening while gabe and the old guard are in charge of valve (ie the people who push for VR and hardware, not for games) is the back for blood approach
    Some other company hires (or is started by) Robin Walker or some of the former tf2 devs and they just make Team Fortress 3 under a different name, maybe hiring some high level tf2 players as consultants (like 2gd for diabotical)

    That’s our only hope of seeing another Team Fortress game this decade tbh…

    I highly recommend checking out Valve’s glassdoor page, it’s really quite eye-opening for how the company is run

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