koth_product_final released.

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  • Watch the video explaining the changes here

    Video Made By: Maven

    Full changelog:

    • adjusted cap zone to better match visual indications
    • fixed asymmetries related to mid
    • fixed undefined spawn wave times before first capture (set to 6sec)
    • changed spawnpoint order to prevent penalizing loadout changes
    • fixed pickups being blockable by teleports
    • fixed incorrectly clipped nook on japan
    • redesigned connector with equivalent geometry that prevents splash issues
    • improved rock collision models
    • improved roof clipping around secondary spawn exit
    • improved clipping around triple windows
    • other minor clipping improvements
    • improved bot behavior
    • improved soundscapes
    • improved lighting
    • adjusted prop fade distances

    and finally an important message from ire:

    If you haven’t noticed, Fubar has released a new update to koth_product. You can check the changelog here.

    Now the important bit, teams may not agree to play final over rcx, in 6s and Highlander. This is due to the map not being thoroughly tested for bugs, and the map not having been played during regular season matches.

    We will be evaluating the map for future events and seasons in the mean time.

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out, and check out the map on your own time.

    Best Regards
    The 6s and HL Admin Team

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