POV: a 120 ping spy has just backstabbed your teammate

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  • @davyc u sound mad

  • @davyc this isnt the ugc forums tho


  • @davyc if u got mad at dying to spy u wouldnt last in ugc 😕

  • @davyc so true

  • High ping isn’t just a benefit. You don’t just get goofy shit without any downside, like, cuz of the high ping that player has to change so much of how they’re playing due to their reactions being forced to be slower. It’s more of altering the game state giving them weird benefits/downsides. Like the sniper on my team for example (mujet) has 150 ping. Which can allow him to hit people behind walls occasionally and goofy shit like that but it’s a lot harder to hold angles due to having a strictly slower reaction speed. Stuff like that, I can understand how it can be frustrating but it’s like by no means just a straight upgrade over playing the game with low or average ping. Like those clips seem bullshit but then you remember the spy has to play the game constantly just strictly being slower to react to literally anything, there’s a lot of ways that can fuck them over. In terms of aim, movement, even their stabs can fucked over cuz of high ping. It’s not like you will always get those goofy backstabs sometimes you’ll get goofy ass stabs that should be backstabs (at least visually) but since you have high ping and the server processes those stabs server side it’ll just be a butter knife.

  • coming from someone who has played spy in multiple regions outside of NA. Spy with high ping is a literal disadvantage. Just play more

  • @snoozyjune I’d agree that it isn’t a straight upgrade but my biggest gripe having to play against players with constant high ping is that laggy fights like that just aren’t really fun and having a laggy player pretty much forces the other team to have to deal with it. A player with high ping knows that when they play theres going to be constant lag and inconsistency and they choose to play regardless which is fine, but when you play against that you’re not really given a choice in the matter as the other player has decided for you that the fight is going to be an inconsistent mess. I’d also argue that the player with high ping has more of an advantage because they’re used to having to play like that where as the other player is forced to adapt to it.

    It doesn’t really impact me personally all that much but I can imagine it being frustrating as a sniper and seeing your match and your sniper v sniper for that week is a guy with 100 ping higher than you

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  • @Muffin Yeah I can get that frustration but it’s mainly just learning how to play against it, once you learn to play against it, it’s more of a disadvantage if anything. It’s like an annoying gimmick. Also, it would be pretty shitty to just ban anyone from out of region/has bad ping from playing so you might as well just learn how to exploit it the best you can, y’know?

  • @Muffin ping makes a lot of players need to ADAPT to the high ping. This is me losing a stab, from last week on steel, bc of 150 ping i couldn’t perform a surfstab (yes, on steel).


    idk where’s the idea of an “advantage” when everything that you do is delayed by 150 miliseconds

  • @snoozyjune said in POV: a 120 ping spy has just backstabbed your teammate:

    Also, it would be pretty shitty to just ban anyone from out of region/has bad ping from playing so you might as well just learn how to exploit it the best you can, y’know?

    I mean, a league could restrict all players from playing out of region or require that players with ping constantly in excess of some number be subbed out, sure. But RGL policy, especially given the recent(ish) changes to the out-of-region player rules, seems to be more about trying to serve as many players as possible without making it too dreadful for the in-region players.

    (This is an elaboration, not a contradiction, of the post I quoted.)

  • Try not getting backstabbed next time…

  • @TheS4rr this is so true

  • play more

  • @davyc

    So, like, are you saying YOU davyc the most ultimate UGC and RGL Player who played NA Plat and RGL IM, can LAST on the U . G . C Forums??? God damn you’re amazing, truly a gifted player, too bad you let zoomed spy defeat you. Now hes the coolest kid in Spy Academy…

  • I would like to see the interp of the spy in the 2nd clip, it seems like interp abuse to me

  • The best high ping spy (Shido) lives in Hawaii and he doesn’t lag this bad despite getting 130 scoreboard ping

    He also is good enough to not rely on gimmick lag stabs, but in this case, what do you expect from a player that makes trickstab videos on youtube /shrug

  • @wish considering OP forward tracks to xbow the spy I think the stab could be reasonable

  • @Muffin i think really the problem here is that you have to change your playstyle based on whether the player opposite you is laggy or not. that player always has high/low ping to whatever region, so they can be used to playing with said benefits/handicaps like @snoozyjune mentioned. thing is, your team’s sniper would have to change p much everything about how they take the svs based on whether the opponent is in or out of region which can be really frustrating. same as far as spies are concerned esp when dogshit netcode is involved

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