rj lft

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  • former invite winner / current pug loser

    sniper > scout > other stuff

    not particularly interested in playing demo but I would try out any other class really

    I have played soldier, pyro, heavy and medic in invite/plat and am very confident in my scout, engineer and sniper. My spy is kind of bad

  • if ur reading this, he is Better than U Lol

  • Multiclass superstar and future(current?) pharma-baron Brad “Bradman” Man, previously championed for his acts of heroism and selflessness in the war of the wheelhouse, has lost touch with his mercenary fleet of Mann Crushers and must look elsewhere to new brothers in arms. Though weakened by this departure, the Bradman is no pushover. The thirst for blood can be seen in his eyes, felt in his gusto, heard in his crisp callouts- so long as theres no zoom meet and greet going down at the moment. Many moons have past where I have sat sleeplessly at my desk, scribbling notes and theories trying to crack the secret to the way that the Bradman operates at a fundamental level. Yet the only conclusions I can report on is how his positive presence is reflected on his peers.

  • Incredible player, flawless mental, seasoned veteran, what more could you want. He’s a maincaller’s best friend, but he’s still autonomous enough to hold it down on his own. rj has been on basically every team of mine 5 years straight, and there isn’t a player in tf2 that I could recommend more to have as a teammate

  • spies hate bradman

  • really nice dude and great at so many different classes, surprisingly scary on pyro

  • contender for my favourite teammate of all time, almost certainly better than you at every class you play

    at his absolute worst he’d be mid-invite on every class, high on most, and top invite at like 2 or 3 idk he’s just built different

  • i would take a bullet for this man because rj is a fantastic and knowledgable highlander player. rj has been through the wringer these past couple seasons, having to perform at his best at multiple different classes. more specifically, his pyro has sent shockwaves through the invite hl scene and is the only pyro I’ve heard @agb scream at the top of their lungs at. i loved working with rj during our season of advanced 6s, and i hate fighting against him when i’m not on medic.

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