lft main/adv soldier or im/main scout

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  • hiya i’m quacked is cracked (supposedly) and im lft s10

    i have 3 seasons of hl (sub nc, am and im)
    and i am reaching for main or advanced hopefully, on soldier, for s10. i don’t think i would do horribly on adv so give me a shot

    i also play the fast man from boston (scout) at a high im/main level if that interests you too

    i’m looking for a chill team with a motivation to win 🦆

    if that doesnt convince you to tryout me i wear a duck hat and have a duck journal named harold

  • deranged. high roller. absolutely fucking cracked
    i’ve worked with this dude for 3 seasons and how consistently he can get med drops on my calls, even in split-second decisions, is absolutely nutty
    get this dude in your team asap because he will fucking carry you when you give him the chance

  • Is a great person to play with. Can do da bombas good to get medic and/or other players un-alive

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