LFT Main/Adv Sniper (or other classes) Season 10

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  • Looking For:
    Any team or teammates that are willing to be respectful and work to improve. I would want to be on a team that is likely to win their division. I’m hoping to play in Main or Advanced as Sniper since it is the class I am most comfortable with, although I am not opposed to playing something else (see competitive history for reference). I have at least some experience playing HL as every class and I consider myself easy to work with (although a bit shy). I really love helping others and I do well with organization and scheduling. I have experience maincalling and I am knowledgeable with the basics of how and where every class plays at every point of every map. I currently mentor a few newcomer players and I love getting my own demos reviewed by challenger/invite players.

    Team Fortress 2 Competitive History:

    RGL Highlander:
    Mistigris | Demoman & Team Captain (RGL HL Newcomer Season 6, 1st Place)
    The | Sniper & Team Captain (RGL HL Intermediate Season 7, 5th Place)
    Bagels & Donuts | Demoman (RGL HL Amateur Season 8, 1st Place)
    Sunrise | Sniper Sub (RGL HL Advanced Season 9, 10th Place)
    Oatmeal Time | Demoman & Team Captain (RGL HL Intermediate Season 9, 12th Place)

    RGL Prolander:
    pl_hijinks | Demoman & Team Captain (RGL Prolander OCD 6 Div 5 2nd Place)
    Pandomizer | Scout Sub (RGL Prolander Season 9 Div 8 2nd Place)
    We Comm House | Demoman/Sniper Flex (RGL Prolander Season 9 Div 6 3rd Place)

    Patriots | Sniper (ETF2L Highlander Open Season 1)
    Weezer Fanclub | Sniper (N/A Highlander)
    Captain Crunch Club | Pyro (UGC HL NA Season 34)

    Available pretty much all day every day.


    grey#2625 on Discord

  • grey would be a great pickup on sniper next season they would farm main and contend for the top spots in advanced. def recommend

  • pick up grey on sniper, they are excellent at the accuracy class

  • They are dedicated and detail-oriented and have been stuck in Demo jail rather too many seasons! Let them snipe :V

  • grey is a solid sniper who gets consistent picks and has a very chill personality. I highly recommend picking them up, as they will be a strong addition to any team.

  • Grey is a very good sniper, and a very consistent player. Can make really good and helpful calls, and is always willing to work hard with the team for a win. Pick them up, they’re also really chill and fun to play with!

  • dedicated, chill, wants what’s best for everyone, overall a solid leadership figure

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