LFP s10 Chal

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  • Scout - Scouty? Technomo Nucket? Minty?
    Soldier - Soala? Civ? Kastaling? Billyboy?
    Pyro - Kamil? Goobah? ckrow?
    Demo - Wxy? Ruins? Bliztank? brick?
    Heavy - Luigi? patches? civ? criponion?
    Engineer - Papaya
    Medic - ben? Gobitoe?
    Sniper - Willmatic? Powerpuker? Scouty?
    Spy - Maven

    Backups: shy, wiitabix, touca, ghost, deadpixel, caramel

    Need some soldiers and pyros for the upcoming tryouts and more demos would be great too. Contact me on discord - ELECTRIC WITCH (no pc)#3056

    Thanks and have a great season!

  • Bumpppppp

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