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  • former engineer for somebody help!


  • I have seen him win more engi vs scout 1v1s than lost while in death cams. Good dm and good at pointing the wrangler at people. He has played enough seasons of challenger/old advanced by now, he’s ready for invite.

  • Should have been playing invite ages ago. Tons of experience and skill to back it up. Not to mention a super cool dude :D

  • not picking up constantly for invite is a crime against humanity. Fantastic engie and fantastic person.

    His shotgun heavy is also unkillable

  • Get him out of advanced jail

  • I still want to play engineer!

  • lord please no more challenger for this poor soul. constantly is a consistent high level engineer that is more than ready to play in invite.

  • bumping just in case

    i can tryout saturday

  • bumping for s11
    Although it was a blast, I’ll be parting ways with somebody help for s11! would love to play again

  • Constantly the goat, I will miss him next season. Any sniper would love to have this little man walk around with him.

    Good mental, wants to get better, help! him find a team :heart_eyes:

  • Really cool dude, glad to see him get an invite season in. he should stay there.

  • During the off-season, I was really glad to hear that constantly was willing to take my spot for a season until I could come back to the team. He’d belonged in invite for a while now, and is one of the nicest teammates you can find on top of that. Get him on a better invite team for next season, where he belongs!


  • constantly’s a lovely person. he was always willing to change things when we needed him to, and asked questions a lot so he knew exactly what we wanted. super fun to play with, please pick him up for invite <3

  • Very good listener, improved rapidly throughout the weekends he played. Give him a spot!

  • I really like that constantly listens well, almost to a T, and he’s definitely willing to improve. He asks a lot of questions and I think that’s pretty solid in a support class. His DM isn’t bad either.

    However, he really needs to work on his autonomy–without asking questions, when it comes to the improvising moments or even just general decision making, I think he tends to have his head in the clouds. It was a consistent thing all season. When you’re in the middle of a game, if you need something different to happen, then someone on a support class can’t expect someone to point it out and know what’s going on. Maybe it’d get fixed with some time in invite, but I think it’s by far the #1 thing he needs to work on. It’s great that questions are asked almost all the time in between rounds (although sometimes we need to focus on something else), but in the middle of the round is the most important part.

    Other than that, decent invite engi. If he’s able to get better at the improv game and feeling the flow of a match better, then I think he can go far with his dedication. It’s a pretty notable issue that does need to be solved before I’d say he’s more of a mid+ invite engineer, though.

    EDIT: Despite most of the post focusing on an aspect he needs to improve on, I did have a positive reaction to him this season. I definitely noticed when he put a lot of pressure on a couple maps as engineer, and when a system is flowing as the team expects, then I think he thrives and allows his team to succeed. He can make a big step by improving the rest of his game

  • i loved playing with constantly, from the get go we knew that it was just gonna be a one season thing since chloe was taking a break but constantly really stepped up and his presence made showing up and playing enjoyable. he fit in perfectly with the kind of vibe we strive for on our team, like i had expected when i asked him to play.

    however, gameplay wise, i think that our team was kind of a mess and constantly would have thrived on a team that allowed him and his flank to communicate effectively. throughout most of the season, i’d say that our comms were pretty god awful and any attempt for our flank to coordinate with each other or our combo ranged from difficult to impossible. by no means do i think constantly was the problem or that he played poorly this season, but i think that our team did not really allow for our flank to excel and he suffered because of it.

    constantly is a really great teammate, he listens really well and is always open to suggestions from his teammates, always asking for advice because he wants to play exactly how his team wants him to play. i’m glad that i got to play with him this season not just 'cause i thought he was a good engie, but also because he’s been a good friend.

  • I stand injured and alone in bathhouse on cp_lakeside. I guard the main entrance, waiting for doom, for the collapse on my position. I was sure my time had come, and I held bathhouse for dear life. Then, I hear a voice: “I’m watching your back, caboose.” I turn around and he’s there. Constantly, the Engineer. He’s only thirty health, yet he guards the entrance to bathhouse from ruins. My stalwart defender, Constantly stood ready, willing to give his life, if necessary. I will never forget such an absolute Chad, and neither will you. Constantly takes criticism well, and is adaptable to the need of the team when asked and able. He also actively seeks opportunity to improve, and is very even tempered and friendly. Constantly is a valuable team-player and teammate, and will serve well with any team lucky enough to be chosen by him.

  • top 3 teammate ever i love dis guy

  • A magnanimous Texan. He has a really dumb strange original. Pick him up, he deserves freedom from the diaper that will be next season advanced. Or put him on sniper in advanced

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