I Would Like To Play Spy In Season Ten Of Highlander, Please.

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  • I Would Like To Make My Triumphant Return To The Worst Class In The Videogame, And Your Team (Yes, Yours!) Might Just Be The One For Me !

    I Have Many Seasons Of Experience In Highlander, Several Of Which Are On The Spy Class, Including One Season On The Worst Platinum Team Of All Time !

    I Will Perform At A Remarkably High Level, With A Minimum Of Fuss !

    I Use My Voice Very Proactively, And Would Love To Call Important Information For Your Season Ten Highlander Team On RGL.GG !

  • 10/10 post made by someone with unmatched water.

  • Kami Is Good At Highlander And Communicates Very Well, Good Pickup For Any Team

  • Kami’s Spy Will Win Matches. He Comms And Plays The Objective. Just Give Him Back The Old Ambassador And He Will Farm.

  • He will call important information for your season ten highlander team on RGL.GG, by using his voice proactively !
    With a minimum amount of fuss, he will perform at a remarkably high level !
    He has played on the worst platinum team of all time, for one season, as the spy class, which he has many seasons of highlander experience in !
    Your team might be the one for him, as he plays the worst class in the videogame in his triumphant return !

  • Begging For The Location (Through Text) Of A Team Who Wants To Play With The Only Spy Who Has Ever Had Someone Agree To Marry Them.

    I Will Not Be Able To Try Out Until Playoffs Are Over, But I Will Be Home On Saturday To Respond To Any Messages You Decide To Send Me.

    Thank You For Your Patience.

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