lft spy s10

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  • I’ve got 13 seasons of competitive highlander experience, 10 of which are maining spy. I have a good attitude, am highly adaptive, and always interested in improving.


  • can adapt his play style very well to any situation and make important plays when they matter most, very good addition to any team

  • Craft is good at the videogame, and crucially, is willing to listen to what a team needs.

  • CraftKitty is very receptive to feedback, and is definitely capable of getting key picks and coordinating during sacs as well as pushes! He has won new advanced, as well as reached challenger leveled playoffs multiple times. If I was leading a team, I would pick him up in a heartbeat.

  • Excellent spy who adapts and improves quickly. Good comms and kills the right person just when you need him to. He has also helped me win many 1v1 fights I should have lost. Definitely deserves to play in invite next season

  • Solid spy, give him a chance on your teams and you won’t regret it! Eager to learn, eager to win, and overall good dude.

  • Solid spy and very annoying to fight against 😠 . Pick him up so you don’t have to deal with the constant frustration that comes from fighting him, also cuz he’s gud and stuff 😛

  • great spy, listens to criticism and adapts for a teams playstyle. Would be a good pickup.

  • One of the more adaptive spies in their div, has good comms and a pretty good duder. Great pickup for anyone

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