Highlander S7 Advanced Happenings/Discussion

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  • This is the discussion thread for the RGL HL Season 7 Advanced Division.

    Congratulations to the Season 6 Advanced champions, Single Drop!

    RGL S7 Advanced Standings
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    You can view last season’s Advanced discussion thread here.

  • should the spreadsheet of the div go here too?

  • which one

  • Idk the the one that is most accurate.

  • @Theo whichever one I’m ranked the lowest on then

  • nkb will go 4-4 once again…

  • What is even happening anymore? 🙄


  • Either I absolutely shred joey lemonade or that man absolutely butrapes me this week

    There will never be a middle ground
    It is destiny

  • Crit Sandvich ima let you finish, but flow should be in playoffs.

  • we lose playoffs week 1 simple

  • we are no longer scrimming blue99 🤡

  • @ranzo I am eternally grateful for your permission to let us finish 🙏

  • Just another example of why Swiss system is bullshit. Don’t take the hate out on csn, focus it on Swiss. I’ll probably do another dumb spreadsheet breaking down swiss system or something like that, if I have the time. Same thing happened with bodybuilding.com and oWn a couple of seasons ago.

    No offense to Crit Sandvich, I think they’re a surprisingly decent team, and you can only beat who you’re scheduled to play against, but their schedule was much easier than Flow’s.

    Hopefully we’re able to do Round Robin next season.

  • I mean, I can only blame myself for massively underachieving. Team had some incredibly cringe issues I waited until swift week to even start fixing. I didnt get fucked by swiss I fucked myself for thinking I can win on DM alone. Shame because we were really close to fixing up on steel week it just wasnt enough time.

    Only FLOW can give mr.lemons a 9k by walking into a shutter trap on 2nd spawn multiple times lol (after putting up a 6.5 minute time mind you)

  • @tua round robin is something that’s difficult to pull off because of how unstable tf2 players since teams die frequently but if you’re going to do swiss there NEEDS to be an even number of weeks

    the entire point of swiss is that a ‘lucky match’ where you play someone worse than you and move up past your actual skill level is countered out by the next week’s match pitting you against someone significantly better than you, but as these things cancel out they work best in pairs of 2. playing a 7 week swiss will necessarily mandate some teams finish on a high point and/or a low point where playing an extra week would fix itself.

    same thing is happening in main to a lesser extent, the 6/7/8 seeds have played a combined 3/21 matches against other playoff teams. 6th seed lost to 3 teams that didn’t make playoffs, 7th seed finished 5-2 while only playing 2 teams that finished higher than 3-4 (4-3, 6-1). ultimately doesn’t matter since none of the teams that missed playoffs have any legit shot at upsets imo but it’s pretty wild

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