rain mentoring hl soldiers main+

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  • hello im looking to mentor (a limited amount) of highlander soldiers main-inv who know at least some of the basics of highlander and are looking to improve further
    i have a semi-flexible schedule but prefer to do things before highlander scrim times

    ill mentor 2 people (time restrictions) who are serious about improving by going over demos, map reviewing, and answering specific to general questions about anything related

    my soldier experience:
    s1 inv - fast forward - 4th (soldier/scout)
    s2 inv - rewind - 2nd
    s4 inv - fred - 1st (multiclass)

    add me here if interested

    current slots taken (0/2)

  • cant edit my post but
    full on mentoring, am mentoring 3 people rn so please no more adds as of right now

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