airballer lft IM/low main sniper

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  • ive been on that sniper grind recently and have figured out that it is the better pick class
    ive got no exp on sniper but i dont whiff every shot anymore, hmu at airballer#3688 on discord if interested


    airballer has been playing for a while, with his already extensive experience in another pick class I’m sure he could wipe IM/Main as sniper 🙂

  • wow airballer. LFT sniper.
    so you are saying
    this man
    who’s nuts on spy
    and is known as a good player with great aim
    known as a fantastic revolver spy
    wants to play the aim man class
    this man has a 360 of like 30 inches.
    Thats taller than some midgets!
    and taller than most babys!
    this man has a baby sized mouse pad.
    Airballer knows the game.
    He can mentor your spy
    while he plays sniper.
    If you pick up airballer on sniper I will be happy.
    Do you want me to be happy?
    If you dont, what is wrong with you.
    If you are still reading this what is wrong with you?
    stop reading this
    and message airballer
    ill even draft the message for you.

    Hey airballer, I heard you’re cracked on sniper.
    Come join my team
    also, my homie spiderjew said hi.

  • revolver spy turned sniper main
    good dm, legendary osu cheater

  • pick this man up if u want to win ur div, honestly its a crime that hes LFT

  • really good kinessa paladins player, (also pretty cool at sniper)

  • He’s pretty good and very nice.

  • he is my son pick him up

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