LFP AM engineer

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  • hey fellas, (primarily) looking for an engineer and (maybe) subs for our team, <we missed the 6s deadline>

    our team has a couple of people dipping their toes into the comp scene, so whoever else is wanting to do the same, feel free to join!

    scout: toona
    soldier: burped
    pyro: lemon bread
    demo: socks
    heavy: goose
    engineer: this could be you!
    medic: lazula
    sniper: krys
    spy: ixbin

  • @toona

    Hey, I’ve played around 100 hours of engineer over the years playing casually and was looking to finally try out a competitive format. I’d still consider myself a novice in terms of skill level, but I see this as an opportunity to improve. I’m pretty much every evening, excluding sundays.

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